Install wepbuster BT5

Open, terminal

Then.  Sudo nano

paste in following code

# download wepbuster from google code. ATOF, latest release is 1.0 beta 0.7
wget -O wepbuster.tgz

# install wepbuster
tar xzf wepbuster.tgz -C /pentest/wireless

# source on how to install CPAN:

apt-get install lynx
apt-get install ncftp


# in CPAN interactive shell (so don’t type the “cpan> ” part)
cpan> install Expect
cpan> install File::Slurp
cpan> install Number::Range
cpan> install Algorithm::Permute

# now quit CPAN

cpan> quit

# create shortcut

mv /pentest/wireless/wepbuster* /pentest/wireless/wepbuster
ln -s /pentest/wireless/wepbuster/wepbuster /usr/bin/wepbuster

# launch wepbuster



Then > Ctrl + X Save it

Sudo chmod +x Give the file execution rights.

Then run the file.  ./

or sudo sh

Have fun.


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